2015 GMC Canyon

25 July 2014

Growing popularity of smaller vehicles applies to pickups as well, the 2015 GMC Canyon delivers the right size vehicle for consumers who are looking for a more agile pickup. Packed with capability and comfort, the 2015 GMC Canyon is the smaller sibling of the 1500 Sierra full-size pickup, and the 2500 and 3500 Sierra Heavy Duty pickups.

2015 GMC Canyon

The 2015 GMC Canyon short-bed crew cab is 212.7 inches long, 17 inches shorter than a comparable Sierra 1500, making it an easier fit in many parking spots and garages. Canyon’s overall width of 74.3 inches is five inches narrower than Sierra and two inches wider than the Terrain compact SUV, providing easier maneuverability around town. Yet the smaller size does not sacrifice functionality or capability.

“An increasing number of customers don’t need the full capability of a full-size pickup, yet desire the functionality a pickup offers,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “These customers appreciate the smaller size of mid-sized pickups, with their ability to easily fit in a garage, travel downtown areas of big cities, and navigate crowded parking lots. The all-new 2015 GMC Canyon represents the best of both worlds in this sense.”

“We engineered the 2015 GMC Canyon to be very capable and functional for mid-size pick up owners,” said Anita Burke, vehicle chief engineer for Canyon. “We know customers have varied needs for a pickup in this segment, using their vehicle to commute to work during the week, transport children to school and other activities. But on the weekend, they have a very different set of needs that match their active lifestyles. The 2015 Canyon delivers on all these needs.”

Claudia Tallone