Fiat at the 26th International Auto Show

21 October 2010

This Auto Show edition is special to Fiat: in 2011 it will celebrate its 35 years in Brazil. And, before this important milestone in the company’s history, there is nothing fairer than to show the success of its models, its futures launchings and its new projects, in almost three thousand square meters occupied by Fiat in this Auto Show.

Thirty (30) automobiles are in exhibit. Among them, the highlights are: the concept cars – FCC III, Uno Cabrio and Uno Ecology -; a new version of the New Uno, the Sporting, which is arriving at the dealers; and the preliminary presentation of Fiat Bravo.

As it forms part of Fiat’s philosophy to maintain kindled the discussion on the automobile’s future and how to be part of this future in a more and more innovative and efficient way, the brand presents at the Auto Show its third concept car developed at the Giovanni Agnelli Development Pole (Betim/MG), the Fiat Concept Car III, which was idealized by the consumer through the web portal This shows the company’s creativity and capacity in assimilating what the worldwide consumer has in mind as the future automobile, that is, the model that will be conceptually ideal for his needs.

FCC III or Fiat Mio as it was baptized brings elements that laud the sustainable view, besides items that assure man’s connectivity to the automobile and the universe, which encompasses world urban mobility. Besides the Concept Car there will be at the stand multi-touch monitors where everything about the product, its conception and realization will be presented. In a closed auditorium, the public present will also see a film about this Concept and immediately afterwards it will be invited to answer an interactive quiz about Mio.

Along the same line of the FCC III, Uno Concept Ecology and Uno Concept Cabrio will be shown. Concept Ecology was presented in the launching of the New Uno and then it was one of the highlights of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2010. The model that carries on its structure the successful design of the New Uno is directed towards solutions that transform an automobile more ecological, more sustainable and with below average environmental impact.

Concept Cabrio is another example of Fiat’s involvement with new solutions, even though they are only exercises of creativity. Using the two-door body, the convertible model is an example of infinity of alternatives that can be generated from the New Uno platform. The result is a sports automobile, young and at the same time, sophisticated.

The company also reserved an outstanding place to present the New Fiat Bravo. With its design characterized by Fiat’s “family feeling”, it affirms the brand as world reference in design. Bravo will also be reference in new technologies in the national market. Sportiveness, comfort and safety are some of its characteristics. Without mentioning the excellent performance that Bravo reaches with the E.TorQ 1.8 16V Flex and 1.4 16V Turbo engines, which carries the Downsizing concept and today equips Fiat Punto and Fiat Linea.

Still under the impact of a great launching, and an unprecedented public acceptance, the New Uno, which has been breaking sales records and contributing decisively towards maintenance of the brand’s leadership in Brazil, has highlighted at the stand the launching of Uno Sporting, synonym of sportiveness and exclusivity.

This new version that is arriving at the market is another example that New Uno is versatile, malleable, moldable to the most varied intentions and needs. Sporting brings together all good qualities and contents of the New Uno, with spontaneity, efficiency and beauty of the more sportive versions. Equipped with the new and modern Fire 1.4 Evo engine, Uno Sporting arrives with new contents, technology, and exclusiveness in customization, besides adoption of suspensions that reinforce its quality of sportiveness and of an automobile that provides great pleasure to be driven.

Distributed throughout the Fiat space as well are the models that maintain the brand’s presence in the Brazilian market. Among them is Punto that made its debut with the new E.TorQ 1.6 and 1.8 16V engines of FPT – Powertrain Technologies, which offer low noise levels, emissions of contaminants and internal energy consumption, with excellent torque at low revolutions.

After Fiat Punto, these new engines also equip models of the Palio family – like Siena’s new special Sporting series, which carries the E.TorQ 1.6 16V engine -, Fiat Doblò and Linea, the latter recognized for its elegant lines, its quintessence, comfort and for its technological resources.

Present at the stand as well the new design of Idea, developed in Brazil by the Fiat Style Center for Latin America, which gave the model a more sophisticated look. At the rear, it bears new LED lighted lamps – Fiat Idea is the first national automobile to offer this technology. The new Idea has also received the new family of E.TorQ 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V engines.

An especially prepared space shows evidently the particularities of the Adventure line. Under a more encompassing view, the company associates technology of the products to sustainable thoughts. Just as how the mind of whoever proposes to take advantage of the locomotion properties of the Adventure models must be.

The decoration of the ambience is done with recyclable materials and reforestation wood. Another care taken by the company in the idealization of this space involved the construction of a river with LEDs – synonym of economy, consumption, energy and durability – thus emphasizing the new Idea, which made its debut with this technology in national automobiles.

There as well is the charming and irresistible Fiat Cinquecento. A model that is not merely a product of its time. Its well thought forms tell more than half a century of history in every line.

Visiting the stand the public can see closely Fiat’s competition model that participates in the Trofeo Linea [Linea Trophy] at the Racing Festival, the newest national motor sports attraction. The Trofeo Linea brings high technology automobiles within the category of stock car, with competition automobiles based on line vehicles and with acclaimed pilots in national motor car racing.

In Trofeo Linea important national motor car racing pilots are at the wheel of a Fiat Linea T-Jet with the 1.4 turbo engine from FPT – Powertrain Technologies equipped with the renowned Italian Abarth competition kit. With this preparation, Linea’s turbinated engine gains a high performance Racing profile: the original power of 152 hp leaps up to incredible 215 hp.

Besides various models exhibited, interactivity at the stand is also great, besides a quiz directed towards the FCC III, visitors can play in games with simulators and look for information at the Totems with complete contents about each of the models in exhibition. And more: the artists of the program “É Tudo Improviso” [Everything is Impromptu] will have the mission of interacting with the visitors at its providential irreverence and unusual jokes. The stand will even have a reserved space for Radio Fiat Jovem Pan, which will transmit its daily programming inside Anhembi to all of Brazil, nationwide: between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM. The portal Terra will also be at the stand with live broadcast. All these activities emphasize the brand’s young, fun and irreverent spirit. In closing, the store Fiat Fashion brings various fashion options and present in its collection for the brand’s fans from all ages.

Claudia Tallone