New Fiat Uno Sporting

22 October 2010

Fiat is launching in this Auto Show edition a new version of the successful Uno, model that arrived at the market in May of this year and revolutionized the automobile industry.

Uno Sporting arrives to contribute even further with the product’s image: strong and decisive as customizable, economical, reliable, durable and excellent performance vehicle.

The new Uno Sporting does not concern a personalized model, but rather a new version, which was conceived in details to satisfy the consumer’s longings. Uno Sporting, which bears under its hood the new Fire 1.4 Evo engine, associates sportiveness and joviality, bringing new contents to the model and exclusivity to its user.

Its external appearance was strongly mirrored on the high performance sports model, both in colors and in items of personalization and efficiency of use, as well. The headlights with black mask, red aesthetic rings of the anterior grill and the spoiler for the front bumper, form part of its personality.

The lateral bands convey sportiveness, joviality, performance, as well as the lateral miniskirts. The muffler tip is double as it is proper for a sports automobile, and the tail lights have a leaden finish. Following the example of the front bumper, the rear also brings an aerodynamic supplement. On the trunk hood, an airfoil with black finish was incorporated.

Still on the decorative part and functionalities, the edges of wheelhouses and the covering of the door columns, also received treatment in black. The model also received exclusive model and version plates. To conclude, the light alloy wheels with 15-inch rim give the automobile a sportive look.

Internally it is distinguished by the panel with exclusive covering, as well as the adoption of details with colors that identify the version. The instrument panel has also their own characteristics for the Sporting version, bringing instruments with new orange serigraph and visor with red illumination. It also has as basic accessory on board computer and leather steering wheel. Now the seats received an exclusive cloth with stylized seams plus magazine holder bag and “Sporting” embroidery.

The New Uno Sporting arrives with an intelligent rear window washing system, that is, it functions automatically with the activation of spouts from the squirts. When the front window cleaning mechanism is functioning, the rear is also automatically activated if the rear drive is engaged.

Its suspension was also adjusted to satisfy the requests for the new version. Compared with the one that equips the other New Uno versions, it was designed and calibrated to allow better drivability, besides transmitting greater sensation of sportiveness and safety. The new suspension is about 20 mm lower in relation to the Vivace and Attractive versions, and its springs were more rigid. They are helical and were designed with the side-load technique to optimize the operation of the suspension. They reduce the radial forces on the piston of the shock absorber and the internal frictions, which results in better absorption of the roughness of the ground.

The shock absorbers also received specific characteristics for the new performance requirements. The front stabilizing bars have larger diameter, and the rear axle has greater torsional stiffness. The light alloy wheels, with 15-inch diameter rim, are propped up with 185/60 R15 tires.

These solutions were idealized so that the suspensions of the Uno Sporting might have lesser response time and lesser body inclination at curves. They also provide greater progressivity and linearity of responses in maneuvers performed at the limit of adherence. Its dynamic behavior is an example, with neutral behavior in any situation, besides providing a good level of comfort – mainly dealing with a version with a sportive appeal.

Comfort is also assured through the adoption of passive hydraulic pads for the engine’s sustentation. The basic idea of the component is to use highly elastic rubber for good acoustic behavior, and serves as hydraulic component to generate the shock absorbing effect at the engine’s work frequencies.

This results in the obtainment of high stiffness at low frequencies and low stiffness at medium and high frequencies. These are requirements that cannot be found simultaneously in conventional pads.

Besides the differentiated and exclusive elements, the Sporting version arrives well equipped with basic accessories offering, besides the aforementioned items, hydraulic steering, fog headlights, electric front lock and windows, among others. In terms of safety the New Uno Sporting can come, optionally, with HSD (High Safety Drive – double airbag + brakes with ABS system), more items of comfort and entertainment like air conditioner and radio CD MP3 Connect with hands-off Bluetooth + USB.

The New Uno Sporting also offers the consumer the option of an exclusive personalization. From the plant, there are two Kits for this version. Sport which brings adhesives for the mudguards and rear hood plus badge for column C. While the Exclusive Kit is composed of exclusive leather steering wheel with orange details, fabrics for seats also with orange details and internal gray paintings, besides the exclusive mat tapestry.

If the customer prefers he has the option of personalizing his Uno Sporting at the dealer. There he can find rearview mirror covers, external door knob cover, shift stick knob, hand brake finish, instrument panel frame, decorative bands and sportive pedals. Also on the list of accessories, items like alarm, anti-theft screw of the wheels and crankcase protector.

Available in eight different colors, the Sporting version of the new Uno counts on three exclusive paint alternatives: Indianópolis Yellow, Modena Red and the new Nemo Orange, all solid colors. The rest are already traditional of the brand, the solid Banchisa White, plus four metallic paints: Bari Silver, Chrome Gray, Scandium Gray and Vesuvius Black.

Claudia Tallone